Announcing the 2014 Educator Grant Winners

By bringing composting to Frederick, Maryland, and delivering more social services to a housing project in Milan, college students will be working hard in the 2014-15 academic year to give access to key amenities through design. The winners of the 2014 Educator Grant are making great strides towards breaking down the ...more ⇒

$1 Million Milestone Reached with the 2014-15 Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship Winners

Yathrib Ragsdale mentors minority, first generation, college bound students. Myles Thompson educates his college campus about African American art and culture. And Kawing Ng manages a Meetup group called VolunteerNY to bring together people who share a common goal of giving back to the community. These talented and ...more ⇒

Introducing the 2014 Student Innovation Award Winners

This year’s Design Ignites Change Student Innovation Award winners forecast a bright future for the field of social impact design. We encouraged students to think big when it comes to innovating with design to solve community problems and they came through with numerous noteworthy project ideas.

Impact! Projects in NYC Receive Funding for Implementation

Community outreach design work from former Impact! Design for Social Change students is coming alive in Washington Heights and the Bronx, thanks to government grants from New York City’s department of Small Business Services. One track of the Impact! program challenges student teams to partner with a local New York ...more ⇒

Meet Studio Accord

Studio Accord is a design firm formed by North American ex-pats in China with a very innovative business model: they take on both for-profit paying clients and non-profit pro-bono work and their proceeds are donated to a non-profit. It’s a group of enterprising, smart and dedicated women—who also happen to be only ...more ⇒