Decisions, Decisions

Our Digital Arts & Design students spent much of the week working individually to develop concept sketches for their team’s billboard project. During Session 4, however, students worked together with their mentors to bring a single, collaborative idea to the table. This session was all about giving each ...more ⇒

On Our Turf

There was a change of venue for our third Create! Don’t Hate session. This time around, the Live Oaks Career Campus was proud to play host to our friends and mentors from Landor. Our Digital Arts & Design students were excited to have their mentors on campus so they could see where we spend our days ...more ⇒

Inspiration & More

“Epic.” That’s how one of our students described Session 2. Other nuggets of praise from the day included, “Awesome! This was even better than our first session!,” and, “Wow—this project is really opening my eyes. I feel like I’ve been sheltered from a lot of ...more ⇒

Where The Old Pics Go

After each new session, I will be uploading new pictures to our project page slideshow. If you ever want to go back and see the pictures that were posted from previous sessions, just visit the Digital Arts & Design Facebook page. I have a photo album dedicated specifically to this project. Here’s the ...more ⇒

Not Too Shabby

I was asked by our new friends at Landor to say a few words during our first session about the Great Oaks Career Campuses and the DAAD program in particular. I could think of no better way to do that than to show them the kind of amazing work our students produce each year. This video, featuring student designs from ...more ⇒