Socially minded start-up support

The Design Ignites Change Fiscal Sponsorship Program provides business, individuals and organizations support through Worldstudio Foundation. Fiscal sponsorship is for those who seek the benefits of the United States government’s non-profit status for their project or organization without being registered as such.

More and more architects, designers and artists are interested in developing their own socially minded non-profit businesses, projects and programs. These initiatives are often excellent candidates for funding from individual donations, as well as grants from the government and from private and corporate foundations.

However, it is likely that an organization with registered United States government non-profit status (called a 501(c)(3)) is required to accept funding from these sources so that donations may be counted as tax-deductible.

At the most basic level, the Fiscal Sponsorship Program can give an individual, for-profit organization or project the ability to accept charitable donations through the financial oversight of Worldstudio Foundation – a well-established non-profit that has been active in the design and social change field since 1993.

The program also offers varying levels of guidance and administrative support that can be tailored to the specific needs of the project.

The first step is completing the Fiscal Sponsorship application, which we will be posting in November, 2012. If you have inquiries about this program before the application is posted, please contact Ansley Whipple, Worldstudio Foundation Programs Director, by email or call 212.366.1317 ex. 15.

Please see the Fiscal Sponsor program’s eligibility and guidelines and services and fees pages for more information.