BOP Blocks: Bottom of the Pyramid

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BOP Blocks: Building Up the Bottom of the Pyramid were inspired by C.K. Prahalad’s The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid—an innovative solution to poverty through responsible capitalism—this educational toy explains the Twelve Principles of Innovation for Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) Markets. Each block summarizes a principle in a concise and approachable manner and the accompanying book explains the principles and illustrates them with a practical example. Designed by MFA student, Bernardo Margulis. Art Directed by Associate Professor, Kelly Holohan.
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February 2, 2011
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Logo applied to packaging.
Open Box showcasing blocks and booklet.
12 Individual blocks.
Booklet Interior Spread explaining the Bottom of the Pyramid principles.
Booklet Interior spread for the "Keep it Clean" principle.

The biggest challenge was to take highly specialized business vocabulary and ideas and simplify them in a concise and approachable manner so that non-business people could understand the idea of using capitalism to solve poverty.


A set of twelve blocks, each with a simple, catchy and concise title and icon illustrating the principle, and a brief explanation. The booklet offers similar information, with the addition of short real-life applications on how the principle has been successfully applied.