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Mapping is a visual way to define ourselves. It shows us who we are because of our location and the geography surrounding us. Maps demonstrate how we interact with the land, and describe the marks we leave on the spaces we inhabit. This MFA in Community-Based Art Education thesis project begins to visualize food culture and agriculture in a small city by first mapping and then redesigning the systems that grow, process, distribute, and consume local food. Based in Provo, Utah, this project tailors national discussions to the real needs of a community by engaging the creative powers of local citizens in re-imagining and re-envisioning Provo.

Carlyn Lofgreen

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May 30, 2013
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National conversations about the environment, health, energy, and finances have invigorated an interest in all things local, particularly food. In a small city with a deep agricultural heritage, how can the system be redesigned and the resources redirected so that the food grown ends up on the plates of local citizens?


Utilizing the creative minds of the community, the systems of agriculture in Provo, UT will be mapped, studied, and then re-envisioned. Artists, designers and students will work along side farmers, agriculturalists, and urban gardeners to re-imagine and redesign the systems that produce, distribute, and consume local food.