Taking out the Trash

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In partnership with GOOD Magazine, the Academy of Art University’s School of Graphic Design mobilized its students to deploy design to address real problems within the city of San Francisco. GOOD Magazine challenged students to address intractable social and sustainable problems that confront the city. Undergraduate and graduate students identified, researched, and tackled these challenges with unique, sustainable solutions. Student teams were asked to consider involving the communities in devising the solution to the problem at hand. Team Zero-Waste: Anh Pham, Caroline Saridewi, and Elliott Tran. Instructor: Tom Sieu.

Tom Sieu, Instructor

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May 30, 2013
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Taking out the trash should be a no-brainer. Instead, it is a confusing chore with a steep learning curve. Worse, experience with any particular trash can in any given locality in no way translates to an understanding of any other receptacle — so essentially each candy wrapper requires that you start from scratch.


Team Zero-Waste proposes the creation and implementation of universally-recognized color- and shape-driven iconography onto the cans themselves, coordinated with matching product packaging standards. The SF Zero Waste Recycling Bin is simple, interactive, and consistent, providing better efficacy in our recycling process.